Our Services

Preksh CorpServe follows a multi-disciplinary approach with factual, in-depth and practical industry knowledge with ongoing statutory and market trends to help clients overcome challenges and simplify laws and regulations.

Insolvency and
Bankruptcy Advisory

     We play a vital role in providing appropriate advisory support for Corporate as well as Individual insolvency and bankruptcy procedures and provide sustenance for creditors / debtors during troubled debt recovery in various areas of business, as per our work scope, for:

  • • Submissions with IP Agencies and Adjudicating Authorities,
  • • Management of Corporate Affairs of the Corporate Debtor,
  • • Determining the Financial position of the Debtor,
  • • Executing Deeds, receipts and other documents of Debtor,
  • • Execution of Contracts and modification of the existing contracts where required,
  • • Accessing electronic Records with Information Utility
  • • Receive and Collate all the claims,
  • • Constitution of Committee of Creditors and conducting its Meetings,
  • • Raise interim finance with the approval of Committee of Creditors,
  • • Determining the Voting share of the Creditors,
  • • Preparation of Information Memorandum,
  • • Preparation/Examination of Resolution Plan and its suitability as per the evaluation matrix.